2018 Wellness Challenge


Focus on Healthy Eating

This month is national nutrition month so lets focus on eating healthier!

This week let’s go for delicious and filling, yet healthy, dinners. If you are going for low carb options, try homemade tacos or chili; or chicken grilled in garlic olive oil with a side salad. There are so many yummy dinners that are full of flavor but are great for your heath. Again, hit the internet if you are at a loss for ideas. Or, if you just have to have your French fries, order a small instead of a large. The idea this week is to eat healthier. If you have healthy dinner recipe you love, please share it with us!


Week 1: Focus on Healthy Eating: Breakfast

This month is national nutrition month so lets focus on eating healthier!

This week, lets focus on heathy breakfasts. Each day plan to eat a healthy breakfast. If you want to learn more about why breakfast is important, or to get breakfast ideas, visit http://www.shakeupyourwakeup.com/why-is-breakfast-important.

If you have healthy breakfast recipe you love, please share it with us!

Week 2: Focus on Healthy Eating: Lunch

This week lets focus on eating healthy (or at least healthier) lunches. If you are out to lunch, pick healthier options you might have frowned upon before. If you are looking for new “lunch box” ideas, simply google healthy lunch ideas and choose from the myriad of lunch recipes! Again, the goal isn’t to make this hard for you, just to challenge you to try healthier options! If you have healthy lunch recipe you love, please share it with us!


Week 1: Focus On Your Heart

This month is Heat Disease Awareness Month. Call your provider this week to “Learn Your Numbers.” Knowing your numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and BMI) could just save your life. There are also 7 easy steps to take to help your heart. Try one of them each day!

  1. Manage Blood Pressure. While there is no cure, high blood pressure is manageable and preventable by adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes a diet low in salt, saturated fats, cholesterol and alcohol. Physical activity and weight loss are also key factors in lowering your numbers. And these simple changes can go a long way. Learn more at https://www.goredforwomen.org/know-your-risk/

  2. Control Cholesterol. Cholesterol is a soft, fat-like substance found in the blood and in all the body’s cells. When it builds in the inner walls of your arteries over time, it hardens and turns into plaque. That plaque can narrow the artery walls and reduce blood flow, which you guessed it, can cause blocks that can lead to blood clots, heart attacks or strokes. You might be surprised to learn that your body actually needs cholesterol to function normally and to stay healthy. But what we need to remember is that our bodies are fully capable of making all the cholesterol it needs. It’s what you put into your body (yes, we mean those salty snacks and baked goods), and in some cases your family health history that causes trouble. To Learn more, go to https://www.goredforwomen.org/know-your-risk/

  3. Reduce Blood Sugar. Limit your intake of added sugar. You can learn more at https://www.goredforwomen.org/live-healthy/.

  4. Get Active. Do something active today to increase your heart rate. Take a walk. Go to the gym. Take the stairs. Just get moving.

  5. Eat Better. If just for today, eat healthy for all 3 meals and see how good you feel!

  6. Lose Weight. If just for today, eat healthy and take a walk or go to the gym.

  7. Stop Smoking. If you smoke, make a plan for quitting. If you don’t smoke. Do another of the top 6 steps.

Week 2: Focus On Your Teeth

This month is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Make appointments for you and your family to see one of our dentists.

Also set a goal this week to improve your dental habits. Two ways to improve your habits include:

  1. Spend at least three minutes brushing your teeth two times a day. Use a timer if you have to to ensure that you’re spending enough time on your oral care routine.

  2. Use floss at least once a day every day to clean between your teeth.

Week 3: Focus On Your Eyes

shutterstock_245692879Focus on your eyes.

This month is Low Vision Awareness Month. Our eyes get strained sitting in front of computer screens all day. If you do, give your eyes a break and try to use less screen time this week. Also, if you haven’t seen an eye doctor lately, call this week and make an appointment.

Week 4: Focus On Your Well-being

This week make an effort to go to bed early and get more sleep. Here are 5 ways being well rested improves your life. (Learn more here.)

  1. You’re better able to focus and learn.
  2. You feel happier.
  3. You’re more productive.
  4. You’re less hungry.
  5. You won’t get sick as often.

Week 1: Introduction

Many of us set goals at the beginning of each year to be more healthy, to lose weight, to do ____ (you fill in the blank). So lets work on some of these goals together! Being healthy isn’t just about eating and exercising, that is why we are using the term “wellness challenge” instead of “health challenge.” Wellness is the integration of, and the awareness of, the four core needs we all have. Those core needs, which are not optional, include our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being. Throughout this challenge, we will refer to this as P.E.M.S. Each month we will focus on something different and there will be a different challenge each week. We would also love to hear from you, so please feel free to post how you are doing in the challenge! So let’s begin!

Week 2: Happiness is Contagious

January 8 is National Joygerm Day. Happiness is contagious. So go spread it! There are various ways that you can spread the bug. Smile at strangers. Tell a joke.
See if you can make someone in your life, and someone you don’t know well or at all happy this week. See how many times you can do it this week!

Week 3: National Hugging Day

January 21 is National Hugging day.
Your goal this week is to hug your family and friends more this week. But make sure you ask first! We don’t want to lose the joygerm feeling we had last week!

Week 4: Taking Care of You

Do something each day this week to take care of you!
Take a walk. Read a book. Call an old friend. Go to bed early. Get a screening.
This month is National Birth Defects Awareness month, National Glaucoma Awareness month, Thyroid Disease Awareness month, and National Blood Donor Month.
This week, make an appointment for you or someone else to get something checked out that you might have been putting off. If you don’t have anything you need to take care of for yourself or someone in your family, then think about donating blood and helping a stranger.

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