Asthma Awareness

2016_asthma_smAsthma is a disease affecting the lungs. It can cause asthma attacks called episodes which involve wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness and coughing. Asthma affects the lives of over 22 million people and although there is no cure it can be controlled.

Asthma may be controlled by visiting your doctor and following their instructions. Together you can make an asthma management plan to better control your asthma. This plan may include taking prescriptions or using inhalers as recommended by your doctor. Asthma can also be controlled by learning about what triggers an asthma attack and removing those triggers from your environment.

Controlling your asthma will result in less asthma attacks, better sleep, not having to miss school or work and the ability to participate in physical activities.

If you think you might have asthma or need help controlling your asthma make an appointment with your Mountainlands healthcare provider today by calling 801-429-2000.

For more information about Asthma and how to control it visit:

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